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why is your dog tall enough to be in the nba


why is your dog tall enough to be in the nba

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Kate Beckett is 47000% Done.

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Hey look Castle, you changed her mind.

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I just needed to share. Please respond if you can relate.

Haven't been on tumblr in awhile which is odd for me. I guess I've had a lot of stuff going on. But anyway on to why I'm writing this. I don't personally know any of you, but in a way I kinda do. If you follow me it's probably because of Castle. When I'm having a bad day I usually just scroll through tumblr, creeping on your pages, sharing in our common appreciation for the greatest tv show on the planet. However, recently I've been struggling with something very personal and since I don't know any of you I want your opinion on ways to help build myself a ladder out of the deep, dark, emotional hole that I have appeared to have dug myself into. Body image has started to become a big thing for me. I'm 19. Going to be a sophomore in college. I thought only younger kids dealt with stuff like this, like middle school shit. I look around and all I see is skinny, tan girls with their cute tank tops and short stylish jean shorts. I feel like there is no way in hell that I could ever pull that off. Now, I'm not skinny, but I'm also not huge. I'm 5ft 5in and 135 pounds. I have some curves, but I feel like my thighs and butt are pretty big. So the whole shorty shorts thing might not work. I'm also pale a fuck and struggle with acne. I'm super white mostly because all is wear is tshirts and like work out shorts that come just above the knee. I suck with the whole style thing. And when I try to do it. I feel uncomfortable because I feel that people are judging me. So I guess I'm reaching out to you guys to see if anyone has ever been in the same boat. Because mine is currently sinking and I would like to know how to bail myself out.
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